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May 25: STAAR EOC Confidential Campus Rosters from TEA available from Reports > STAAR EOC. (Summary reports and CSRs have not yet been provided.)

May 11: 2018 STAAR 5&8 1st admin Student Level Responses, Skill Analyses, and Item Analyses available as Detailed Analysis option (after selecting roster and test) from Evaluate > STAAR.

May 4: 2017-18 National Student Clearinghouse reports are now available for high schools under Reports > College Readiness.

May 3: Risk of Retention rosters (Excel) for elementary and middle schools are now available from Reports > School Leadership.

May 1: 2018 STAAR 5&8 Retest & STAAR 3-8 Precode Update Reports for schools from Reports > STAAR (General).

Apr 27: SSI Accelerated Instruction Plan (AIP) tool for STAAR 5&8 available from Monitor menu.

Apr 27: STAAR 5&8 1st admin results (student-level) available at Evaluate > STAAR. Spotlight rosters also updated at Monitor > STAAR Spotlight Rosters.

Apr 27: STAAR 5&8 TEA reports (rosters and student report cards) available from Reports > STAAR 3-8.

Apr 20: Spring Fast Track ACP results for secondary schools posted, where available. Evaluate > ACP.

Feb 2: Fall 2018 Enrollment at MySchool > Rosters > Scheduled Fall 2018 enrollment menu.