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Oct 9: 2018 TELPAS TEA reports for schoolwide users are available from Reports > TELPAS.

Oct 8: TELPAS results available from Evaluate > TELPAS.

Sept 14: TEI Achievement Reports are now available. Teachers and Principals may find them at Improve > Local Accountability > Teacher Excellence Initiative.

Aug 23: Enrollment and scheduling for the 2018-19 school year are now available. Some student demographics are currently based on last year's enrollment and will be updated once the 2018-19 becomes available.

Aug 17: 2018 State Accountability Summary available from Improve > State & Federal Accountability > State.

Aug 17: UPDATED: STAAR 2018 Performance by SE reports available from Reports > STAAR (General). Updates made to STAAR Science SEs in Grades 5 & 8 and STAAR EOC Biology.

Aug 10: Growth Profiles for elementary and middle schools are now available at Investigate > Growth Profiles. Click here to find out more.

Aug 10: Campus Data Packets available at Statistics & Reports > Data Packets (public) and Investigate > Campus Data Packets (secure). Notice regarding TELPAS: Performance standards for the new 2018 TELPAS were not available for publication. New data packets will be generated when all TELPAS composite ratings and yearly progress indicators can be reported.

Aug 8: STAAR Campus-level Item Analysis reports available from Reports > STAAR 3-8 and Reports > STAAR EOC.