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2023-24 Districtwide Testing Calendars

Feb 1: Fall 2024 Enrollment now available at Rosters > Enrollment > Scheduled Fall 2024.

Jan 19: Fall STAAR EOC TEA Summary Reports and Student Reports available from Reports > STAAR EOC.

Jan 9: 2022-23 Federal Report Cards and Parent Letter now available from Reports > Reports/Profiles > Federal. Each campus is required to send a copy to the parent/guardian of each of their students no later than March 4th.

Dec 23: Semester 1 ACP results available from Assessments > ACP Results & Analysis .

Dec 21: 2022-23 Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) now available from Reports > State Accountability.

Dec 20: Fall Climate Survey Reports have been updated with corrected rankings from the vendor and are now available for school administrators under Reports > Surveys.

Dec 19: 2023-24 MOY MAP results available at Assessments > MAP.