Campus Improvement Planning

The documents on this page include tools to guide the Campus Improvement Planning process: evaluate, investigate, monitor/adjust.

CIP Process
CIP Process
CIP Process
CIP Process

A CIP should be a focused action plan for the campus. It should define student achievement goals, establish instructional strategies for the campus community, and set priorities. The construction of a CIP requires evaluation of existing campus goals, making decisions based on relevant data; investigation of best practices, such as the "Core Practices Framework"; and knowledge of what to monitor and how to adjust throughout the school year.

For questions or more information about the CIP process, please review the Region 10 website


Document/Template Description/Purpose
CIP Workshop (May 2009) PDF icon Dialogue on preliminary campus improvement planning. Uses state assessment data on MyData Portal with Core Practice Framework
Peer Panel/Roundtable Workshop (Nov 2009) PDF icon Explain the function and purpose of the panel review
Core Practice Audit Workshop (Aug 2010) PDF icon   Utilize a tool to analyze survey results
Online CIP Workshop (Nov 2009) PDF icon
Online CIP Workshop (Fall 2010) PDF icon  
Learn how to technically maneuver within the Online CIP for the purpose of creating, editing, and printing.

Goal-Setting Tools

Tool Description/Purpose
STAAR results
Set schoolwide goals anchored in high standards (Satisfactory and/or Advanced) via bar charts and data tables by grade and subject
STAAR 3-8 Student Goal Pamphlets MS Word icon
STAAR 3-8 Student Goal Pamphlets* (pre-populated)
Set, communicate, and revisit student goals via pre-populated MS Word documents available for easy printing and distribution
SE Analyzer (Schoolwide users)* SE Analyzer (Teachers)* Identify student expectations to target by student based on results from state and local asssessments for all applicable subject tests
TEA School Report Cards Determine campus goals

*Access to this tool requires users to be signed in to their MyData Portal accounts.

Core Practice Tools

Document/Tool Description/Purpose
Core Practice Framework PDF icon (Interactive version)
Research-based repository of best practices used to evaluate campus practices (National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA), formerly Just for the Kids; best printed in color)
Core Practice Framework Quick List PDF icon   Quick reference of the Core Practice Framework strategies/critical attributes

Action Planning and Monitoring

Document/Template Description/Purpose
NCLB Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) Guide  PDF icon  Tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses and specifying priorities for addressing student achievement; prework to the development of the CIP and decisions regarding the justification for use of NCLB and other funds
NCLB Improvement Plans PDF icon Guide for developing, reviewing, and revising improvement plans which address required federal and state components
Sample CNA  MS Word icon  Narrative example of a comprehensive needs assessment
Meeting Agenda and Sign In  MS Word icon  Documentation for CIP meetings
NCLB Districtwide Initiatives Action Plan  PDF icon  Examples for documentation of districtwide initiatives within Online CIP action plans
CIP At-a-Glance MS Word icon (template) Summarization tool of the school's priorities with a limited number of focused strategies
Progress Monitoring MS Word icon (template) Monitor progress of activities
Focused Action Planning MS Word icon (template) Develop your campus goals for the CIP's Summary of Needs Assessment and Action Plan
CIP Worksheets Word icon (template) Develop a preliminary CIP