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What's New
2005-06 Special Education Student Inventory - Campus Audit Report. Sign in, and select the appropriate link under "Available Reports."
(2005/10/17 at 8:55AM)
2004-05 SEI reports now online. Using the navigation menu above, select "Campus Data" and then "School Effectiveness Indices."
(2005/10/12 at 12:00PM)
Student Expectations (SEs) now available with TAKS results. Sign in, select "TAKS," and follow the links all the way to the objective analysis level.
(2005/10/05 at 11:20AM)
Benchmark student-level results are being made available as tests are scanned. To check if your school's results are ready, sign in, and follow the link to "Benchmark."
(2005/9/29 at 12:00PM)
AYP Data Table and Student Listings.
Availalbe under 2005 AYP Reports after login.
(2005/8/18 at 10:15AM)
The Office of Institutional Research has moved. Check the Contacts page for our new location and telephone numbers.
(2005/8/03 at 10:15AM)

Navigating this Web Site

By clicking on the links on the tool bars at the top of the screen, you will be able to access current data for the district, area and your campus. For an overview of what you can find throughout this web site, click here.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the User Friendly Data Initiative is to assist all schools to improve student performance by providing test and demographic information in a simple and timely manner.

Our vision is to empower principals, counselors, area superintendents, and district administrators to make instructional decisions by having access to all test and demographic data on-line.

Office of Institutional Research (OIR)

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) maintains the Data Web and provides user accounts for district personnel that qualify for access.

The Data Web is graduating! Beginning in the fall, the Data Web will become "MyData Portal," with enhanced features and expanded access for teachers.
Existing account holders: check this page in late summer for instructions on requesting accounts under the new system.
Access Request Form for requesting a temporary account for summer 2005. Campus-level accounts are being issued only to principals.
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